Decennale insurance of construction contractors & contractors with a niche activity

Our “Construction contractors & contractors with a niche activity Insurance” contract offers you the choice of a basic legal guarantee, the ten-year liability & civil liability, as well as a number of optional guarantees that you can select according to your needs :

Basic coverage:

  • Public liability: this essential guarantee ensures you in the event of damages caused to your employees, your customers or their goods,
  • decennial liability: it is mandatory and covers damage that may affect the strength of the structure or makes it unfit for purpose within 10 years of receiving the site

Optional coverage:

  • Contractor all risks insurance and machinery breakdown: this insurance ensures, within the limit of your declared activities, the payment of the material damages affecting, before handover of the work, the materials and supplies present on your building site and destined to be incorporated into the work as well as damage to construction machinery owned or rented by your company
  • legal protection: it provides assistance in case of litigation and a defense in case of legal proceedings concerning your activity.

We provide insurance for all construction contractor activities of & general contractors except activities excluded below

  • Design and Construct
  • Photovoltaic works companies and / or installation solar panels
  • Installation of water heaters & heat pumps
  • Waterproofers (more than 15% sealing)
  • Any activity of Special Foundations
  • Swimming Pool installers / Swimming Pool Equipment Installation
  • Startup Chimney installers (less than 5 years activity)
  • Soil improvement works
  • Company with a turnover of less than EUR 150,000
  • Companies having a max cost of works in excess of:
    o EUR 1,000,000 for structural and shell of building works
    o EUR 2,000,000 for fit out works
  • Companies involved in a work whose cost of construction at
    o EUR 2,000,000 for structural and shell of building works
    o EUR 15 000 000 for fit out works

We can also offer insurance to a number of niche activities:

  • Rope access works
  • Landscaping / gardening
  • Installation of cold storage units (including industrial)
  • Companies performing maintenance and industrial repair only specialized in office installations
  • Prevention of termites / pests
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Well construction and water catchment
  • Stone masonry
  • Aquarium and / or fish farm construction
  • Kitchens, bathrooms and shops installation
  • Work to adapt buildings to people with disabilities
  • Playgrounds, urban furniture
  • Furniture decoration and furniture installations and installations (offices, shelves, lighting, etc.).This may include office space and commercial space
  • Workshops and garages
  • Installation of blinds and curtains (excluding blinds and mechanical curtains)
  • Installation of blinds (including mechanical blinds and curtains)
  • Construction of conservatory / conservatory
  • Signage installation (street, store, country ...)
  • Installation, construction and layout of modular buildings and / or temporary structures
  • Divers
  • Lightning rod / antennas installation
  • Installation and maintenance of telecom

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Pierre-Eloi Gilles

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