Contractors’ High Risk insurance - Product Overview

Contractors’ liability covers a company’s obligation to remedy losses (bodily injuries, physical damage and/or financial loss) which may be caused to a third party (or by the property or persons under its control) during its operations.

Our “Contractors High Risk Insurance” policy has been designed for companies presenting a significant liability risk.

Examples of risks placed

  • Difficult access work, rope access work (rope access technicians), cliff reinforcement, tree pruning,
  • Work in confined spaces,
  • Underwater work,
  • Companies carrying out specialist repair and maintenance:
    • Repair and maintenance of electrotechnical and electronic assemblies for electrical energy management on all types of ship
    • Repair and maintenance of lifting equipment on FPSO ships
    • Repair and maintenance of fibreglass pipework and tanks for machinery in the nickel industry
    • Repair and maintenance of pipework and tanks in the metalwork industry

  • Public works,
  • Harbour works (repair and maintenance)
  • Erection of scaffolding including hire of scaffolding
  • Erection and dismantling of cranes (excluding operation)
  • Sawing/drilling,
  • Ground clearing/deforestation,
  • Demolition, deconstruction and asbestos removal (including waste transport),
  • Buried explosive detection,
  • Installation of modular temporary structures,
  • Transport companies,
  • Offshore works.

Our advantages :

  • Combined solutions for the coverage of Operational Liability and Liability After Work risks to meet clients’ needs
  • In some cases we can cover your decennial liability
  • Cover amounts of up to €20,000,000
  • Solutions adapted to all types of business (SMEs, associations, Major Accounts) whatever their turnover
  • We can cover your risk internationally
  • Policy drawn up on the basis of claims presented and declared
  • For each application analysed, we do our best to understand your activity because we understand the importance of clearly defining our clients’ activities in their insurance policies, particularly when the activity has no legal definition.

Our Contractors’ High Risk Insurance contracts are parked with certain Lloyd’s of London underwriters.

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