Insurance for consultants, engineers, instructors, surveyors/loss adjusters and other specialist professions

EBA Insurance Services offers a professional liability insurance contract for consultancy and service professionals.

Our “Specialist Risks” Professional Liability solution covers a wide range of business sectors:

  • Consultants of all kinds. For example: consultants in recruitment and human resources, safety and surveillance consultants, marketing consultants, consultants in the humanitarian sectors, environmental or regulatory consultants;.
  • Humanitarian, linguistic, logistics and media risks, services for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs);
  • Safety and security consultancy (for expatriate companies or individuals);
  • Auditors;
  • Insurance brokers;
  • Pollutant analysis laboratories;
  • Training leading to qualifications, such as courses in safety, the armed forces and police, mine-clearing, courses for rope access workers, certification bodies;
  • Biologists, zoologists, ecologists, geologists and hydrogeologists;
  • Naturopaths et herbalists;
  • Specialist surveyors: surveys of ships and yachts, non-destructive inspection and testing of buildings and civil engineering structures (including rope access), environmental surveys, acoustic surveys, asbestos surveys, court and amicable loss adjusters, marine surveys (e.g. depth measurements);
  • Town and land planners,
  • H&S coordinators,
  • Consultants in waste recycling and transport of earth waste;
  • Landscape architects,
  • Engineers and design offices specialised in: the environment, civil engineering, industrial and processes, coastal or waterway structures, earthing systems, electromagnetic interference and protection against the effects of lightning, deconstruction and demolition;
  • Interior decorating/home staging;
  • Assistants to Developers, Delegate Developers;
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM);
  • Exterior environmental auditing: auditing and consultancy in the implementation of current regulations on environmental protection in construction projects; environmental monitoring of construction projects; environmental impact studies;
  • Construction worksite logistics;
  • Market research centres, call centres and/or telesales centres;
  • Promoters, developers and dealers.

We will consider any activity presented, even if not included in the above list.

Our advantages

  • Combined solutions for the coverage of Professional Liability and Operational Liability risks to meet the client’s needs
  • Cover amounts of up to €5,000,000
  • Solutions adapted to all types of business (SMEs, associations, Major Accounts) whatever their turnover
  • We can cover your risk internationally, in some cases including the USA and Canada
  • Policy drawn up on the basis of claims presented and declared
  • For each application analysed, we do our best to understand your activity because we understand the importance of clearly defining our clients’ activities in their insurance policies, particularly when the activity has no legal definition.

Our insurance contracts for consultants, engineers, instructors, surveyors and loss adjusters and other specialist professions are parked with certain Lloyd’s of London underwriters.

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